Laws of The City of Fogdown

Laws of the City of Fogdown and Territories (DRAFT)

Organization of Justice System

Each district has 5 High Magistrates, 50 Low Magistrates, and any number of Judisars. 3 Grand Magistrates, appointed by the Senate, are the highest legal body in the city of Fogdown led by a Supreme Magistrate.

The 5 High Magistrates constitute the highest court in each district. 5 groups of 10 Low Magistrates constitute the highest court of 5 zones in each district. Judisars are the street-level embodiment of the courts of Fogdown, acting as bounty hunters, inquisitors, lawyers and investigators.


Under every section, if the accused is not able to pay the indicated fine, then they will be placed in Debtor’s Prison, one week for each outstanding piece of gold. Some of the fine maybe paid to offset the time spend in prison. If a prisoner is in jail for more than one half of a year (26 weeks), then said prisoner is eligible for Debtor’s Servitude, which will last a set time determined by their sentencer, typical a year and a day from auctioning.

Debtor’s Prison

Several Prisons exist around the island to hold those who can not pay their fines. Transportation of prisoners from one location to a next is the purview of the prison warden.

Debtor’s Servitude

Those unlucky few whose fines are too great and can not offset enough of their fine to less than a half of a year, are sold into debtor’s servitude.

Popular amongst wealthy merchants, is in essence, legal slavery. Masters of debt servants are responsible for servants’ health, room and board.

Capital Punishment

Fogdown has one capital punishment: hanging. All hangings are done on the walls which separate the districts, and typically conducted by Grey Knights.

The Law

Section One: Weapons

1-1 The carrying of a bladed weapons longer than a man’s forearm, is considered illegal with out a permit. All bladed weapons longer than said length must be registered with the Office of Weapon Regulations. Non-bladed weapons and weapons shorter than said length do not need to be registered.

Punishment: Confiscation of weapon and a night in the nearest prison.

1-2 All guards and officials have the right to request to see weapon registration papers of any persons in the city.

Punishment: Failure to produce papers may result in denying of service, imprisonment and/or fine no more than 10 gp.

1-3 Weapons that have the intention of being concealed are considered undermining of section 1-1 and hence, illegal. Permits for concealed weapons may be issued from the Office of Weapon Regulations.

Punishment: Confiscation of weapon.

1-4 No weapon shall be unsheathed in the sight of the public, unless in the act of self-defense.

Punishment: Confiscation of weapon and 50gp fine.

Section Two: Armor

2-1 Armor which has been intentionally darkened or hidden, as to better hide persons wearing it, is considered a violation of the law.

Punishment: Confiscation of armor.

Section Three: Citizenship

3-1 All immigrants to the City of Fogdown, must present legal notice of their arrival to the Office of Domestic and Magical Immigration or an appropriate representative.

Punishment: 50gp fine. If fine cannot be paid: deportation

3-2 All citizens of Fogdown must be registered with the Office of Internal Affairs. Registration includes address, first name, last name, date of birth, homeland if applicable, religious affiliations, and decedent origins.

Punishment: Loss of all citizenship rights and privileges, 20pg fine.

3-3 All guards and officials have the right to request to see citizen papers of any persons in the city.

Punishment: Failure to produce papers may result in denying of service, imprisonment and/or fine no more than 10 gp.

Section Four: Laws of Passage

4-1 There are six gate clearance levels from basic to full: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Omicron, Sigma, Omega. To pass between gates that separate some districts, one must be able to present an appropriate pass. Failure to present a pass may result in denial of passage or imprisonment up to no more than 2 days.

4-2 The pass clearances are as follows (Note, higher passes may always clear travel to districts lower passes may):

Alpha Upper Docks to Crescent Downs/Midmarket
Beta Crescent Downs/Midmarket to Double District
Gamma Double District to Lastshoppe/Lower Docks
Omicron Lower Docks to Alley of Houses
Sigma Alley of Houses to Lower Reach
Omega Southern Reach to the Senate

4-3 Passes may only be obtained by registered citizens and must be done so at the Office of Portal Management. Not all citizens receive passes. All passes must be cleared and approved by the Office of Portal Management Director. Most clearances revolve around trade or employment.

4-4 Temporary Passes maybe request through the Office of Portal Management. Temporary Passes expire in a month and day from issuing.

4-5 Being caught in a district with out a proper pass is illegal.

Punishment: Imprisonment for up to 7 days, fine up to 100 gp and temporary restrictions on passage rights and/or removal of pass rights permanently.

4-6 Citizens may request other citizens of lower pass levels to be permanently upgraded to their pass level, or receive a temporary pass of the same level.

Section Five: Magic and Mechanex

5-1 All scrolls and potions sold shall have a +10% tax, unless associated with the Arcanexicanium.

5-2 No Arcane scroll shall be sold by any vendor other then those associated with the Arcanexicanium, greater than the 4th level of magic.

5-3 Blasting power may only be produced by Alchemist authorized by the City Senate

Section Six: General Laws

6-1 Stealing possessions of another is illegal. The value and quantity of item in question will determine punishment.

Punishment: Lowest, fine being 50gp; highest, hanging

6-2 Murder of an innocent is illegal. Killing in self-defense or the killing of a Debtor’s Servant is permissible. Magistrates may request witnesses.

Punishment: Hanging

6-3 No animal larger than a dog is allowed to live in the City of Fogdown.

Punishment: Slaughter of animal or beast, up to 10,000gp fine to owner

6-4 Destruction or sabotage of public or private property is illegal, unless authorized.

Punishment: Replacement of property, possible imprisonment

Section Seven: Amendments

7-1 as amending Section 5: No tree is to be cut down in the City of Fogdown, unless authorized. All wooden goods are to have a +10% tax.

Punishment: 25gp fine, replacement of tree

7-2 as amending Section 5: No individual shall bear the mark of an evil or mischievous deity.

Punishment: Confiscation of object bearing mark and possible imprisonment

7-3 as amending Section 4: Laws of Passage will replace section 4.

7-4 as amending sections 1 and 6: No poison shall be sold, administered, or produced in the City of Fogdown or its territories.

Punishment: Destruction of equipment, destruction of establishment selling or producing, 1000gp fine, and imprisonment up to no less then 4 years.

7-5 as amending amendment 7-4: Included in the scope of poison will be drugs deemed illegal by the Senate.

7-6 as amending 1-1: Included in this will be firearms.

7-7 as amending 1-2: This will include firearms.

Laws of The City of Fogdown

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