How it all Works


Weapon/Implement Augmentation

Augmentation allow players to specialize their weapons and implements with greater diversity, trading in the blackmarket gear-trade for new, exotic and dangerous devices. When an augmented weapon is disenchanted the magic components are reduced to Residuum, or in common parlance Dragondust, however, the Dragonshard Augments and Eldritchshards remain intact.

  • All places where Dragonshard Augment (Weapon) are now Dragonshard Augment (Implement or Weapon)
  • Dragonshard Augments are Dragonshards (Eberron, Khyber, or Siberys) imbued with magical properties which only special clockwork devices can manipulate
  • Eldritchshards are shards created from Residuum, which act as types of batteries for clockwork devices which use Dragonshard Augments
  • Dragonshard Augments come in all types of power, concentration and atunement. Some, when used, radiate energy which is beneficial to the user, while others may leak deadly toxins
  • Eldritchshards come in different degrees of Eldritch Volts, EV’s or “charges” The description of a Clockwork device which uses Dragonshard Augments will indicate the number of EV’s used by the device. Running out of charges while using a device is extremely dangerous.
  • Dragonshard and Eldritchshards are exchangeable to any other augmented weapon or implement.


Ul’riht is carrying an Augmented Longsword. It has one slot for a Dragonshard and one slot for an Eldritchshard. The Dragonshard is a Eberron Shard of Lightning, which when attached to a weapon, grants the user the daily ability to discharge up to 5 charges, each one doing +1d4 lightning. Ul’riht’s Eldritchshard has 10 charges. Ul’riht, upon a successful hit uses his daily power to inflict +4d4, leaving his weapon with 6 EV’s.

How it all Works

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